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Marshmallow Rush


Fly Bugdroid through gorgeous land and meet his friends. Nougat Land is a game based off the Android 6.0 Easter Egg with added Nougat cats. It's new version of Marshmallow Rush.Features: ✶ Lollipops, Marshmallows and Nougat Cats in one place✶ Various difficulty levels✶ Integration with Google Play Servicies✶ Support for Android Wear✶ Added sounds✶ Backported to support Android 4.3 and higher✶ You can use this as your default easter egg✶ No in-app payments
The Marshmallow Easter egg:The Easter egg, created by Google in 2014, was undoubtedly inspired by the hit game Flappy Bird. Instead of the bird and retro-themed pipes, you play Android mascot and the barriers are Lollipops. One year later with new Android mascot, Easter egg was also updated. The aim of the game is to pass through each Lollipop barrier by tapping on the screen to keep Bugdroid from hitting the ground.
This game allows you to take pleasure in playing Bugdroid